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Health & Care made in Europe

Health & Care made in Europe is the start of cleanliness.

The Health & Care made in Europe atmosphere continues with cleanliness everywhere. There are various criteria for cleanliness. And everybody interprets for themselves how much sanitation and cleanliness go as a result of their childhood and socialization. It is undisputed that Health & Care made in Europe is generally a matter of rigorous cleanliness. In daily life, it is not about sterility, but mainly about germ prevention by adhering to the simple principles of personal Health & Care made in Europe, hygiene and, for example, washing your hands after going to the bathroom.

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Health & Care made in Europe

However, in addition to the private sector, there are also places where true sterility is sought, for example in pharmacy or while handling food. The rule is that something that might offer a breeding ground for germs is unhygienic. Careful washing and disinfection can successfully fight germs without destroying the essential flora of the skin. Protection of hygiene in the workplace is just as critical as it is in the private sector. A variety of clinical trials have found that routine hand disinfection could avoid about 15% of sick leave.

Best quality of all Health & Care made in Europe products

TBTB provides everything you need to clean and wash your palms. If disinfectants, cleaning cloths, handkerchiefs or mouth masks, please click here to find Health & Care made in Europe products that may not be lacking in private households and are attractive promotional presents. In this way, promotional products.  printed with the logo can hit a large audience.

Hygienic papers are often available with a promotional print and business logo and are of very high quality. Our goods not only communicate your promotional message, but they also make your consumers and employees’ daily lives safer and more hygienic.

Wash your hands properly

Adults usually wash their hands with soap a couple times a day. Regular hand-cleaning is completely important to avoid infections such as flu or Covid-19. However, treatment for the skin should not be ignored afterwards, as regular hand washing with fat-dissolving soaps destroys the flora of the skin.

Disinfection and health protection

Bacteria and viruses can become a significant health threat. A thorough hand-cleaning and disinfection is all the more necessary. Cleaning is the elimination of visible dirt and intangible impurities to prevent germs from spreading.

During disinfection, bacteria are killed to avoid infection, which is why thorough disinfection plays an important role, particularly in the medical sector. Health & Care made in Europe cleanliness and wellbeing are efficiently maintained with the required hygiene posts. Printed hygiene items as promotional gifts support health protection.

Hand sanitizer

Hygiene is described as the science of the preservation of health by keeping the body clean. This requires, above all, steps to make it difficult for germs to reproduce to prevent the transmission of diseases. Health & Care made in Europe and hygiene products are really important. Because disinfectants, safe clothing and washing agents are invaluable for the battle against excessive bacterial loads and for the safety of hygiene. Hand disinfection is a top priority following hand washing. Hand disinfection is meant to avoid the spread of diseases through the palms.

When a family member suffering from an infectious illness at home or the transmission of diseases needs to be controlled. The use of disinfectants in the medical sector makes sense here as well. Disinfectants will then help sever the chains of infection, such as flu and Covid-19.

When washing hands with disinfectants, it should be remembered that they must be dried prior to disinfection. When rubbing in, make sure that all parts on your hands, including the gaps between your fingertips, are disinfected. Approximately three millilitres of disinfectant can be used for each hand disinfection. The required germ reduction is done in accordance with the prescribed rub-in time.

Disposable gloves

Disposable gloves made of rubber, latex or vinyl are used for the treatment of infection in the medical field. However, they are also helpful in other fields in order to be able to carry out maintenance operations without having to come into contact with chemicals. If you are unwilling to wash and scrub your hands constantly and also wish to shield yourself from environmental influences, plastic gloves are often helpful.

Hand hygiene Health & Care made in Europe is important in the food industry. It is also necessary to prevent close contact with food, such as disposable gloves. When slipping on latex gloves, the hands must be washed and safe. Hand disinfection must also be done. To prevent skin pain, it should be discouraged to wear gloves for too long. Gloves can only be worn as long as possible and changed after 15 minutes.

Latex, vinyl, nitrile and polyethylene are the most common fabrics used for protective gloves. Latex and nitrile are better fit, but the former can contribute to allergic reactions.

Give away hygiene items with an advertising print

In the cold season in particular, hygiene products are perfect advertising media in which advertisement messages or slogans can be easily circulated to attract a wider audience audience. Hand washing gels and disinfectant sprays printed with the brand logo are in circulation at this time of year and are therefore noticed. TBTB has several years of experience in advertisement printing to ensure your advertising effectiveness.

For eg, we may suggest that you print a practical hand-cleaning gel or disinfectant with your company logo. Cleaning cloths with advertisement printing are also very suitable for distributing the advertising message.Show the clients that you worry for their wellbeing. With the aid of our expert ads for chosen grooming articles, you build a bond and guarantee a special degree of customer satisfaction.

Give away Health & Care made in Europe items with an advertising print

With basic but efficient hygiene keys and hygiene handles, doors can be unlocked and different machines can be worked without needing to come into close contact with them. You don’t have to hit the door handles directly either. Small instruments are also very helpful when it comes to shielding you from bacteria on door knobs and other touch surfaces. For a key ring, the grooming handle is always right at hand as a key ring and is suitable as a present.

The hygiene key and hygienic handle are both suitable for printing of your logo or slogan. The positive thing about these presents is that your clients or staff can have useful promotional media with them as key rings for a long time. Your promotional message will still be visible, even in the private sector.

Hygiene and hygiene posts are problems that will undoubtedly continue to worry us in the future, because they concern everyone. Promotional gifts such as disinfectants, face masks, protective gloves and hand-cleaning gels with advertising imprint would also not fail to have an impact as advertisement content.