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made in europe

Printed promotional made in europe items & high quality promotional gifts for customer loyalty

Small, medium-sized and large entrepreneurs benefit from direct contact with customers and business partners. Printed promotional made in europe items and high-quality promotional gifts serve as tried and tested means of acquiring new customers or intensifying customer loyalty. At the point of sale, consumers therefore receive additional items to support a product rollout. 

At trade fairs it is now standard practice to give away small giveaways to visitors. These giveaways Made in Europe not only represent a high added value for visitors and customers. Image and service awareness of companies are strengthened by distributing printed promotional items. Thanks to the advertising, the company logo attracts special attention and is subsequently internalized in the target group in the long term.

With printed promotional items, companies can remind themselves, maintain existing business contacts and increase their level of awareness. In addition, promotional items and freebies have a positive effect on a company’s brand image. Here, the little touches ensure a high level of acceptance of the brand by the customer. 

Branded products, which are located in the B2C segment, increasingly use advertising media for the level of awareness. For example, printed promotional items, such as printed T-shirts, spread the brand logo virally – combined with a high degree of identification between consumers and branded products.

In the B2B segment, promotional items for seasonal occasions and greeting cards are not only used at the end of the year. A small gift with logo printing and a printed Christmas cardhave good memories. 

But with regular customers, even with new customers, you win with promotional items. Existing customers reward the gesture of appreciation with recommendations and remain loyal to the advertising company. Bring good memories to your regular customers with high-quality promotional gifts from the TBTB Made in Europe promotional products online shop.

made in europe

Use printedpromotional products items in a target group-oriented manner

In addition to the printed ballpoint pen as a classic promotional item, companies are increasingly turning to innovative giveaways that precisely meet the needs of target groups.The everyday suitability of these promotional products alone ultimately guarantees that promotional items will be used for the long term and that logos will be perceived as advertising print. 

Whether a giveaway is effective in advertising decides its ability to integrate into the everyday routine of the recipient. Do not forget the many visual contacts for your logo that you can achieve with printed power banks and USB sticks with advertising print in the coworking space. Even the most beautiful giveaway in the drawer is a bad advertising ambassador!

Printed promotional products items achieve the best advertising effects if they make everyday work easier for customers and business partners. Advertising materials that stand out from the crowd also attract attention. In the TBTB promotional products online shop you will find different promotional products for numerous industries. 

You will find a comprehensive selection of practical promotional items for craft businesses, service providers and other self-employed people in the TBTB promotional products online shop. Here we also offer our customers complete sets of promotional items including advertising printing for different budgets. 

If you would like to use promotional items for the first time as a company founder, you can choose from various promotional item sets in the online shop – tailor-made for target groups.

So whether you choose the classic, consisting of 100 pens including advertising print, or opt for ecological promotional sets for the environmentally conscious target group; TBTB promotional items make your advertising idea possible!

Promotional items – promotional gifts, giveaways & freebies

Advertising materials are used in a variety of ways. If it is important to address a large group of interested parties, marketing managers are happy to use scatter articles, also known as giveaways. These inexpensive promotional gifts are popular for promotions and as mailing enhancers. 

These promotional gifts have the advantage that they are produced in large quantities at favorable conditions. When it comes to attracting attention at trade fairs or congresses, these promotional gifts are the first choice. With scatter articles, such as lighters , printed cotton bags and mugs with advertising printing, you attract attention without directly addressing a specific group of consumers.

Compared to inexpensive giveaways as advertising material, there are giveaways from the premium area. They are characterized by their special high quality. 

The promotional gifts serve the individual, direct addressing of a small group of people, if it is not even about a specific person. Engraved writing sets or leather briefcases with an embossed name are typical giveaways in the B2B area. Here you select promotional items for your customers and business partners from the premium segment. Here too, the advertising or a personal greeting card ensures that the giveaway becomes an ambassador for your company.