How do I submit my logo, promotional gift printed with a logo

You can have your promotional gift printed with a logo, text, image. You can upload images in the following formats:
Vector .AI file (Adobe Illustrator)
Vector .EPS file
Vector .PDF files
Please note the following:
A resolution of 300 dpi is required for full color print
For full color print, use CMYK color profile
For multicolor and single colour printing, you can use a PMS color code
Grayscale files require a resolution of 300 dpi
Bitmap files require a resolution of 1200 dpi

Files must be submitted in the following formats:

  • Vector EPS Tiff,
  • JPEG, Minimum resolution 600 dpi for line work (drawings), and 300 dpi for grayscale and halftones (photo).
  • PDF, format (in the highest quality) without compression.
    Designs submitted with a resolution of 72 dpi or lower are not usable!

    Programs that can be used::

  • Adobe Illustrator

  • Photoshop

  • Quark Xpress

  •  InDesign

    It is advisable to always supply the fonts together with the design, or to convert the text into letter outlines.

The following applies to the supply of logo or original artwork for photographic reproduction:
Hard copy for photographic reproduction should be as large as possible and of good quality, in black and white at a maximum of A4 size. If you supply files intended for multicolor or full-color closures, please contact the printing company regarding the technical requirements. Films may only be delivered in consultation with the printer!

We regularly receive logos that are supplied as a .JPG extension. Although these are often beautiful images of quality, sometimes up to 5 or 6 MB in size, unfortunately we cannot print them on our promotional gifts. This is because a .JPG image consists of pixels, while we need so-called vector line files. We therefore always ask for an .EPS vector file.

Save a .JPG as .EPS? don't do it!

When we receive a .JPG and indicate that this file should be converted to an .EPS, many customers think that the problem is solved by 'saving the .JPG logo as .EPS'. However, this is not the right solution, as it will then become an .EPS with an embedded .JPG image. However, this image remains a pixel image and therefore does not become a line file.

In the past, we therefore often offered our customers to copy the logo at a low cost so that they would at least have access to a useful file for printing on promotional gifts and other printed matter. Recently, however, we came across a convenient and free alternative.

Convert a .JPG to an .EPS for free

There are various programs in circulation on the internet where a .JPG is converted to an .EPS for a fee. This is of course a great solution if you don't have graphic knowledge in-house and still need an .EPS file. However, the result of this conversion is highly dependent on the quality of the .JPG file. In general, the higher the resolution of the pixel image, the higher the quality of the .EPS file will be.

However, you do not know in advance how the result will turn out and that is why it is handy that there is a free website nowadays, see Vector Magic

All you need to do here is upload the .JPG file, it will be automatically converted to a vector file.

Not satisfied with the result? No worries!

As we mentioned, the result of such programs is very dependent on the quality of the .JPG file. If the result is less sleek than desired, you can of course always call on our graphic studio because we are happy to provide a beautiful and usable .EPS logo at a low cost.


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