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Textiles made in Europe

Print Textiles made in Europe and clothing with your logo

Everyone needs commercial space that automatically takes a look at their advertising content. Printed textiles with a business logo are a perfect way to draw attention to your own brand. Whether in the form of advertisement clothing, corporate wear or printed work clothes, the potential uses of promotional Textiles made in Europe are varied and provide an acceptable approach for any kind of business and advertising purpose. From printed T-shirts and sweaters to polo shirts or embroidered belts, almost every piece of clothing may be used as an advertisement tool. The printing area and the type of finish also depend on the material and the intended application.

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Textiles made in Europe

Promotional Textiles made in Europe | Print high-quality clothing with your logo online

The image of promotional textiles has shifted considerably in recent years. While in the past, you mostly only have uniform unisex versions, advertising textiles are currently compelling with their trendy cuts. Several different sizes and colours and high versatility. Advertising textiles are no doubt inferior to retail wear. This also has a bearing on the effect of the sale of Textiles made in Europe. Which, after all, gives convenience, quality and design back to the advertisement business.

The selection of printable promotional Textiles made in Europe has also grown to ensure that advertising clothing is appropriate for virtually any field of life and use. From sportswear and utilitarian apparel to relaxed leisure clothing and employee clothes. All can be improved with a business logo or advertisement theme.

What is the use of promotional clothing suitable for?

Uniform presence of workers

Increased employee identification


As a promotional gift/bonus etc. for the consumer.


Work clothes and corporate fashion with your company logo

While printed work or protective apparel, such as safety vests with a logo or printed apron, primarily prevents private clothing from soiling and injury. Corporate fashion guarantees a uniform presence in daily work as well as at trade fairs and events. Both versions also lead to the identity of workers and at the same time turn employees into advertisement media. A positive presence towards consumers and corporate associates enhances the company’s preferred profile. Improves the recognition impact of your own branding and guarantees a wide variety of promotional connections and brand impressions.

Promotion Textiles made in Europe with company logo | Effective & diverse

Like for other promotional content, finishing also plays a vital role in the advertising of textiles. How and where fabric is printed also provides a major contribution to how long it takes or whether printed textiles are worn at all. The location and scale of ads should depend on the criteria and the intent of textile advertising. Also the style of finishing also adds to the overall appearance of the garments. The finishing, whether it be printing, flocking or embroidery, also reflects the company’s brand logo as well as the consistency, colour and style of promotional clothing.

Choice of an appropriate finish and an appropriate advertisement motif or emblem when designing advertising textiles is therefore of considerable significance. Although casual t-shirts will also be printed with a big print, the ties can typically be finished with a stick. Embroidery is also recommended for a very subtle commercial appearance, which is widely seen in corporate outfits and promotional apparel that is washed especially regularly.

Advantages of printed advertising Textiles made in Europe

Large, easily visible advertisement room

The customer/employee shall become the promotional tool and the brand ambassador himself.

Various finishing choices

Long-term effect of ads

Numerous experiences of brand

Promotes the image of an organization as a brand

Suitable templates for every target audience and every program

Increase in the importance of recognition

Textiles are successful and common advertisement media since printed advertising textiles communicate appearance and personality while at the same time offering a high degree of association with the advertising business on the part of the wearer. Versatile in the area of campaigns and festivals, as well as club, job and business apparel, there is a growing market for high-quality advertisement textiles and there is also a tendency for socially conscious and sustainable advertising clothing to be manufactured sustainably. Get clothes printed on TBTB and transform consumers and staff into advertisement media.