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Textile printing

Textile with a printed logo, how does that work?  Textile articles can be printed or embroidered with any logo, company name or personal message. An accessible and affordable way to significantly increase the value your gift has for the receiving party. Changing a standard textile product into something special. TBTB Textile printing makes it easy for you: you can order your printed textiles online, including requesting a quote and a sample product. Once you have indicated you want to make a full order, we will get cracking for you.  

You like to show your appreciation to your relations and business contacts by means of printed textile. Something that will always translate into returns later on. As a personalised gift is much more appreciated, you opt for printed textile.You can easily order any printed promotional gifts you can think of here at TBTB Promotional Gifts. Printed textile products can be ordered in any desired quantity.

Personalized textile, what’s the value?

The value of personalized textile is actually difficult to express in money. It is mainly about the gesture and the thought behind it. If you take good care of your contacts and relationships, you often get a lot in return. As with any gift, you want to make it special. Ideally something personal. This shows that you are not giving a standard item, but a carefully selected gift. At TBTB Textile printing, our prices are low and we can offer printing or embroidery at a small surcharge. However, the added value is a lot higher. And when you order affordable textiles in large numbers or place a follow-up order, your financial benefit increases even further.