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Sticky notes made in Europa

Sticky notes made in Europa: a Success Story

Countless attempts have failed to substitute classically printed Sticky notes made in Europa with digital variants: no program could really be dangerous for the tiny sticky notes, whether Microsoft Office or a brand-new startup tool. And the reason? Sticky notes made in Europa are compact, cheap, can be attached almost anywhere. And still serve their function of recalling appointments or to-dos conspicuously.

Sticky notes are unprinted in the simplest form, but new possibilities open up for you with your individual imprint on the sticky notes. For instance, it is possible to create cheap trade fairs and customer gifts that are sustainable and often reminiscent of your own business and/or its goods. In a business. Additional details, such as the name of the employee or staff, may be given.

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Sticky notes made in Europa

How to print and personalize Sticky notes made in Europa.

In the simplest case, you can print your business logo on the sticky notes to contact you, plus a phone number or e-mail address. There may be other motifs available, depending on the industry, and images or illustrations are also possible. Be sure, however, to construct the sticky notes in such a way that the realistic notes’ usefulness does not suffer. So enough free space should be there. Sticky notes are suitable as functional and trendy promotional products. It will probably be used less if it is difficult to write notes on the finished block. If more space is required, small blocks might be the better choice.

Please also remember that your imprint will later sit in the correct position on the respective gluing page of the sticky notes. This page is illustrated accordingly in the models that can be found under Specifics on the respective product page.

Shapes and variants

The surface (front) of the sticky notes not only provides space for individual design. For the form, several options are also available. To print your sticky notes even more individually and initially, use uncommon punches, such as the heart or thumb-high side.

You can optionally include a softcover with the sticky note blocks in standard formats. For a beautiful motif or more detail, this allows you to build an additional advertising space.