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  • Printing options

    Obviously TBTB Business gifts All Products printed with your company name, slogan and / or logo to your liking. For printing a products makes TBTB Business gifts course using the latest techniques. Below is a specification of the techniques Business used for applying the text or logo on your products.


    • Pad Printing

      Your logo is successively a film and an etched cliché made. This cliché is getting with ink. Deformable silicone stamp (tampon) picks up the ink and then prints this on the product to be printed. This technique can be carried out. Up to 4 colors Pad Printing will see are mainly produced in the printing of pens, clocks, calculators and various other plastics articles. Mainly used


    • Screenprint

      After the making of the film is a template, the screen frame, are illuminated. In the place of the logo, the screen open. The product to be printed is applied under the screen frame, and then is applied through the screen. On the product with the aid of a doctor blade of the ink Also, full-color printing is possible. For textiles can even be screen printed. To 14 colors In most cases, the screen printing method are applied to textiles, umbrellas, sports bags and flat plastic products such as lighters and fridge magnets.

    • Transfer print

      This technique is applied to textiles when direct screen printing is not possible. There is screen printed in mirror image on special transfer paper. The transfer is applied by a heat press on the product. For example, full-color can also be achieved on dark backgrounds by using ink to create. Of a white, non-visible, base pressure We distinguish plastisol, nylon and sublimation transfers. Often this technique is used in printing on T-shirts, polos, jackets, vests, umbrellas, caps and the like.

    • Embroidery.

      Your logo is translated into a digital embroidery card. However, embroidery is not always a literal interpretation of your logo are. For example, for legibility should always letters and figures at least 5 mm. to be high. Then the logo stitched with a computerized machine on the product. The price of an embroidery is always calculated on the basis of the number of stabbing and the time that the machine is required in order to make. The embroidery Embroidery is generally used in polo shirts, jackets, vests, caps, towels, shirts and the like.

    • Embossing

      On the basis of a film is an aluminum or brass cliché (stamp) is made. Under high pressure and heat is then the logo pressed into the material, creating the floor. Embossing is mainly applied to leather and imitation leather products.


    • Foil stamping

      This is basically the same principle as embossing. Is a plastic film. However, during the pressing process In general, this is in gold or silver, but other colors are also possible. This method is mainly applied to leather and imitation leather products.

    • Laser Engraving

      A Coputergestuurde with a laser engraving machine brings the logo in the material. Also personalize initials or personal names is possible. Laser Engraving is often used in metal and wood products.
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