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Printed hoodies


Even if your classic sweater is printed or embroidered to look absolutely serious, the trend for suitable workwear for many audiences is more cool than serious. This fits the spirit of the times and also ensures that the potential threshold for customers or target groups to approach an employee drops significantly. In addition to T-shirts, you can now also have hoodies printed or embroidered. Because a Printed hoodies is the epitome of streetwear and therefore an indispensable piece of clothing for lifestyle brands and promotional activities.

Printing on sweaters: why design your own hoodie?

Streetwear hypes and general trends are everywhere these days. In times of influencer marketing and social media, it is imperative that marketing strategies in B2C promotion match this. If you want to appeal to a young and active target group at promotional stands or at trade fairs, you better not wear a suit and tie. Ordering hoodies with a print or an embroidery for a long-lasting and high-quality impression is a much better idea. In our online print shop, you will find different hoodies that all have one thing in common: a high trend factor that your target audience appreciates.

Basic Printed hoodies: the classic version of Fruit of the Loom is particularly suitable for large-scale printing and brings sporty nonchalance to the corporate look.
Classic hoodie: well-fitted blended fabric with a pleasant thread thickness and longevity. Excellent decision for merchandise and expressive with both embroidery and printing.
Premium hoodie: creates exceptionally high-quality prints with bright colour results. A great choice if they are washed and worn often and you stand for high-quality brands. As you would expect from an experienced printing company such as TBTB Promotional Gifts, you can order all hoodies in modern and trendy colours. When you print sweaters, there are no limits to which patterns to use and you can you can order your desired sweater as a product sample to try it out. 

Printing hoodies and how to make the most out them as a marketing tool

It is no news that clothing as merchandising and promotional items are very popular with customers. Especially when it comes to high-quality sweatshirts in trendy styles. In the past, it was important to practically hide brand advertising behind a cool look, but the wind has changed in this regard too: as logos and slogans in design and expression move with the times, customers also like to wear a sweater with a pronounced advertising aspect as part of their outfit. Want to use this trend for yourself? Then consider a few tips: large prints (logos, mascots etc.) should be minimalistic or have a distinct retro character.

Browse your corporate identity archives and republish old styles for a promotion or merchandise collection. If your business is new, it’s no problem for experienced designers to adapt newer logos and slogans to get that retro-feel. The same goes for the printing itself. You are very trendy using a vintage character or artfully “faded” looks. However, the opposite applies to embroidery: particularly clear lines are required. If you have any questions about the printing of hoodies or if you would like more information about our range in general, please call or write an e-mail. Our employees are happy to help.