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What are PMS Colors?

Pantone publishes a color range in which each unique color is given its own number. This is an important fact for logos and company colors and other things that must always look exactly the same. Each unique number represents a unique color, but the background can also provide specific effects. A code is then added to the number for e.g. coated, uncoated or matte, and so on.

Suppose you have to print in two colors, for example Grey and Yellow. You then choose which colors you want from the range, you determine the numbers and from then on you can always get the same color quality printed matter from every printer.

Never judge colors on your screen. Each monitor will display the color differently due to different color settings. If you view a photo on 2 screens side by side, you will most likely see a color difference. When you choose a color from a PMS range, you are assured of which color you choose and will soon also see it in your printed matter.

PMs colors for printing on corporate clothing