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  • PMS Colors


    Pantone publishes a range of colors and each color will have its own unique number. This is an important fact for example, logos and company colors and other things that always should look exactly the same. Each unique number represents a unique color, but the surface can also create specific effects. There is a code added to the number for example coated, uncoated and matte, etc..

    Suppose to be in two colors, such as red and green. Pressed You then choose from the range which colors you like, you put the numbers from fixed and you can always, at any printer, again get the same color quality printing.

    Rate Never colors on your screen. Each screen will show different color namely because of different color settings. If you look at a picture on 2 screens side by side, you'll probably go see color difference. When choosing a color from a PMS range, then you are assured of what color you singles and later will look back in your printed materials.

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