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Pens made in Europa

Printing Pens made in Europa as advertising presents and office equipment.

A document is signed, a shipping note is written out or a note is taken at a meeting and pens are used. Both in industry and private life, firstly they are seen nearly every day and are thus invaluable artefacts. Secondly, It is precisely these goods that you, as a corporation, use for ads as you design and print pens and with an individual design with us. Thirdly these Pens made in Europa are sustainable and have great quality. Furthermore, you can do all this easily online from your workplace. Moreover, you are welcome to guide your questions regarding pens made in Europe and the nature of the pens to our customer service department. see more promotional gifts

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Pens made in Europe

Design pens with your own logo.

To begin with, the most common and commonly used typewriter is the ballpoint pen. Firstly It’s inexpensive to buy, secondly fun to use and thirdly small and compact. At TBTB, you first pick a variant of a ballpoint pen and you have the option between transparent and non-transparent ones, touch screen iterations and various shapes and thicknesses. Furthermore, you may also select the colour of the ballpoint pen and the refill pen. Usually, when it comes to ballpoint pen refills, we sell our versions in black and blue.

Ballpoint pens with clips are also practical and are used to stick to a jacket pocket or a writing pad. Next to the clip is the promotional space that we’re going to print for your concept. Due to limited space, a brand name, a brief promotional slogan or a logo may be used as a design. These ballpoint pens are made and printed in Europe.

Pens with logo: promotional gift or office supplies.

At TBTB, you can use pen designed and printed as a business in two main areas: as normal work equipment for your staff and as a promotional gift for your clients. Manuscript notices are also an important part of daily work in modern office life. Also, new technology has not yet been able to market pens and notepads. You may then hand out individual pens made in Europa from our collection to your staff, show them in branches and make them available to the sales force. Printed pens are also suitable as a cheap and easy-to-distribute promotional gift. As an insert in parcels or Gift-away pens and pencils, the buyers will be pleased by the promotion. In conclusion, They are practical advertising present with long life in service.